Naturally Inspirational: Jeff Zwart's GMC Sierra Denali Commercial "Splash"

I have a confession.  I'm a hoarder.  No, not one of those crazy cat ladies you'd find on A&E, but close. Thanks to digital storage space becoming more affordable, I save nearly every photo or video that has crossed my desk.


Organized? Yes.  Useless? Most definitely.

As the Executive Producer of DRIVE, I'm also responsible for every minute of footage published on our little YouTube channel.  In 2012, we published over 130 hours of content, which racks up to nearly 45 TBs of raw footage.  


Back to my hoarding....

One folder I keep on my desktop is of inspirational videos I've found from other producers and directors.   There's some really good shit out there these days and in my folder, you'd find everything from Rendezvous to Truth in 24 and Speed Tribe.  Not only that, I even collect non-automotive related videos like Samsara and Baraka.  


With the help of the boys over at Jalopnik setting up Kinja, I will be routinely posting videos and/or images I have found inspirational and motivated from the automotive industry.   The first, Jeff Zwart's 2011 GMC commercial spot, Splash. 

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